The Northern Light Zen Center (NLZC) was established in 2002 to provide a place for dharma friends to practice together. Practicing together is the foundation of the Zen tradition and our primary focus. At NLZC you can join weekly practice and quarterly retreats. During the retreats you meet face to face with Zen Masters to experience Buddhist teaching directly. We also offer meditation instruction, form workshops, chanting retreats, and community outreach.

These activities would not be possible without your ongoing contributions.

If you feel that the Zen Center has helped you and would like to give something back, you can leave a donation in the Donations Box in the reception room or contact us. The other way in which regular practitioners  may help is by becoming a member.

Here are some specific activities that the NLZC will sponsor and facilitate as a result of your contributions:

Retreats with Zen Masters
Hiking retreats
Chanting retreats (kido)
Buddhist speaker series
Non-denominational meditation instruction for the public
Training in Zen meditation practices
Scholarships for extended meditation retreats

If you’re interested in donating cash or securities to support our programs, please contact us . Donations must be made directly to the NLZC  in order for us to be able to acknowledge them for tax purposes.

Thank you,
Colin Fay
Abbot Emeritus Northern Light Zen Center