Northern Light Zen Center was established to provide a place for dharma friends to practice together. Practicing together is the foundation of the Zen tradition and our primary focus. At NLZC you can join weekly practice and monthly retreats. During the retreats you meet face to face with Teachers or Zen Masters to experience Buddhist teachings.

These activities would not be possible without your ongoing contributions.

Also, as a free-standing meditation center, we incur many expenses necessary for its day-to-day operation. These expenses, including such things as taxes, insurance, utilities and maintenance, run to over $30,000 each year. Your financial support is vital to the ongoing existence of the Center.

Regular practitioners can help by becoming a member of the KUSZ, but retreat fees and membership dues provide only a small amount of support towards our need. To fully meet these expenses we must rely on annual, monthly or one-time donations. If you feel that the Zen Center has helped you and would like to give something back, please leave a donation in the Donations Box in the reception area or contact us about arranging a pledge plan.

If you’re interested in donating cash or securities to support our programs, please contact us . Donations must be made directly to “Northern Light Zen Center” in order for us to acknowledge them for tax purposes.

Thank you.