Crack Repair Day(s)!

Friday and Saturday, May 10th and 11th we had a crack crew of sangha members gathered to try to remediate the problem we have been having with flooding every time it rains a lot. Led by our resident expert Peter Kennedy, it was determined that there was a likely crack where the foundation for the house and the dharma room came together. Lo and behold when the hole was dug there was indeed a large crack. Our illustrious team (led by our crack leader, Mr. Kennedy) widened out the crack, and then on the next day it was plugged with a mortar and new waterproofing put on. And finally, the hole was refilled. We are hopeful that this will cure our water problem. Time and the rains this fall will tell. Peter and Darren Brown also checked out the flashing on our chimney as there has been a little leakage from there as well. Check out the pics!

Precepts and Buddha’s Birthday at Providence Zen Center!

A group of zennies from Northern Light went to Providence Zen Center in RI to represent! Two of our sangha members were getting their long robes as Dharma Teachers. Ron Turcotte and Darren Brown. It was a great day! The first ceremony of the day was Buddha’s Birthday. Ours is one of many zen traditions that celebrate this in April. We do it at the end of our 90-day winter retreat, Kyol Che. Then after lunch at 3 o’clock the precepts ceremony was held. There were a number of 5 preceptees and some Dharma Teachers in Training and then, of course, our own Ron and Darren getting the long robes and bowls in confirmation of becoming Dharma Teachers! It was a good day. Check out the gallery below.

We held a One Day Retreat on March 30th

Northern Light held a one day retreat on the 30th! It was a good day. It’s always funny how the day seems to go by quickly. Even though we are all just sitting. And it never feels like a wasted day. This is good practice. Practice hard, wake up, save all beings.

Congregation Crawl

This photo is from the Bowdoin Congregation Crawl that Northern Light did with the Rachel Lord Center for Spiritual and Religious Life. As part of this Students learn about different Faith Traditions. In this instance Zen Buddhism. This took place in November at NLZC.

New Front Steps going into Northern Light Zen Center!

Our old cement front steps have become deteriorated and unsafe. We decided we needed to replace them as soon as we could. One of our members, Peter Kennedy, volunteered to get things done! That’s kind of his bag. He is pictured above with Terry Cronin, JDPSN using a jackhammer to break the steps up. The steps will be replaced with a wooden deck.

This coming Wednesday, please enter the zen center for practice from the back entrance behind the Dharma Room.

The Finished Steps! Awesome.

Northern Light Zen Center Precepts Ceremony.

L – R Robert Correa, Terry Cronin JDPSN, Adam Pereira, Patricia Miller.

Northern Light held a precepts ceremony on July 22nd. We welcomed three preceptees into the Kwan Um tradition at Northern Light! The three people taking 5 precepts were Robert Correa, Adam Pereira, and Patricia Miller. All three have been members of our sangha for some time. Welcome! After the ceremony we had a sangha picnic. It was a great day.

Our April 29th Retreat!

We held a retreat on April 29th at the Northern Light Zen Center. What a wonderful group and very strong practice! If you would like to take part in our next retreat please send us an email to inquire. All are welcome!

L – R Bill Robitzek,Chelsea Scott, Terry Cronin JDPSN, Darren Brown, Ron Turcotte, Edith Clemente

From the Kwan Um School of Zen

Congratulations to our new Ji Do Poep Sa Nim and two new Zen masters! They received inka or transmission on April 1, 2023 at Providence Zen Center, U.S.A.
Photo from left to right:
Marshall White JDPSN
Zen Master Tan Gong (José Ramírez)
Zen Master Hye Mun (Barry Briggs)

Our January 21st Retreat with Dyan Eagles, JDPSN

On the 21st of January, we had a retreat with Dyan Eagles, JDPSN. She teaches at the Cambridge Zen Center in Cambridge MA. It was a beautiful day, well attended with lots of strong practice. We had folks join us from the Cade Cod Zen Center, as well as the usual retinue from the Northern Light Zen Center. A wonderful day! Thank you to all who made it so.

January 21st Retreat
Our January Retreat! Front L-R Bill Robitzek, Jay Seiler Siobhan Green, Adam Pereira. Standing Rear L-R Peter Kennedy, Michael Sharp, Dyan Eagles JDPSN, Terry Cronin JDPSN, Darren Brown, John Stewart, Jan Stewart