Crack Repair Day(s)!

Friday and Saturday, May 10th and 11th we had a crack crew of sangha members gathered to try to remediate the problem we have been having with flooding every time it rains a lot. Led by our resident expert Peter Kennedy, it was determined that there was a likely crack where the foundation for the house and the dharma room came together. Lo and behold when the hole was dug there was indeed a large crack. Our illustrious team (led by our crack leader, Mr. Kennedy) widened out the crack, and then on the next day it was plugged with a mortar and new waterproofing put on. And finally, the hole was refilled. We are hopeful that this will cure our water problem. Time and the rains this fall will tell. Peter and Darren Brown also checked out the flashing on our chimney as there has been a little leakage from there as well. Check out the pics!

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