Crack Repair Day(s)!

Friday and Saturday, May 10th and 11th we had a crack crew of sangha members gathered to try to remediate the problem we have been having with flooding every time it rains a lot. Led by our resident expert Peter Kennedy, it was determined that there was a likely crack where the foundation for the house and the dharma room came together. Lo and behold when the hole was dug there was indeed a large crack. Our illustrious team (led by our crack leader, Mr. Kennedy) widened out the crack, and then on the next day it was plugged with a mortar and new waterproofing put on. And finally, the hole was refilled. We are hopeful that this will cure our water problem. Time and the rains this fall will tell. Peter and Darren Brown also checked out the flashing on our chimney as there has been a little leakage from there as well. Check out the pics!

Precepts Ceremony at Northern Light Zen Center!

On May 28th at 1 O’Clock friends and family gathered at Northern Light for the Zen Center’s very first Precepts Ceremony. There were 3 preceptees taking 5 precepts and 1 person formally becoming a Dharma Teacher. It was an exciting day.

In the past, all ceremonies like precepts and such were done at the main zen center for the region. In the case of Maine and the Americas that would be Providence Zen Center. Those were always great ceremonies and a wonderful time for the larger Sangha to gather and see old friends and Teachers! Since COVID has been upon us this has cause the School to reconsider how we do ceremonies such as these. There are many reasons that we won’t list here but suffice it to say this led us to this special time.

During our ceremony, Kait Pressey, Jake Worth, and Edie Clemente took the 5 precepts, were given their Dharma Names, and got their robes and kasas. Jay Seiler formally received his bowls and became a Dharma Teacher. It was a very special time. Terry Cronin, JDPSN, and Bill Robitzek Senior Dharma Teacher led the ceremony as Preceptors.

Refreshments were served afterward and folks gathered to mingle and chat with one another. Wonderful together action. Thank you to all who attended in person and on zoom.

front l to r - Jay Seiler, Edie Clemente, Jake Worth, Kait Pressey Back l to r – Ken Grey, Bill Robitzek, Terry Cronin JDPSN, Tex Haeuser, Ron Turcotte, Darren Brown.

NLZC and COVID-19 suspension

(originally posted March 16th 2020)

Dear Friends,

How are you? In response to the risks of COVID-19 transmission, Northern Light Zen Center will be suspending all programs, effective immediately. We expect this suspension to last four-six weeks, possibly longer.

In making this decision, our Zen center joins many other centers around the country to take steps important to the safety of the sangha. Beginning today, the suspension affects the following programs: – Wednesday evening practices – last Saturday extended practice – if further extended, the one day retreat in April.

During this suspension, we encourage you to practice meditation regularly. Terry PSN will continue to offer interviews by appointment, through Zoom or by phone, in which you can discuss practice, daily life and also do kong-ans. Please contact him at if you would like to schedule time.

We will also attempt to keep in regular contact with readings, quotes and information. If anyone has any suggestions in this regard, please contact us. Please also let the sangha know if you are ill so we can give whatever support is possible. We have always sought to make the Zen center a safe place for practice and self-investigation, and it never occurred to us that public health concerns would enter into this. But here we are and we must follow the best available recommendations. Thank you for your support.

In the Dharma, Bill

Our End of Year December One Day Retreat.

On the 28th of December 2019 12 of us came together and sat a Northern Light Zen Center one day retreat. We hold these one day retreats on every even numbered month of the year. This month we had a nice large group. Strong practice and good teaching. Thank you to everyone and happy new year!

back row l-r Darren Brown, Patrick Clancy, Carol Hedgepeth, Terry Cronin JPDSN, Jennifer Mancini, John Schooley, Judith Simpson, Steve Bulloch, Robin Capwell
front row l-r Mary-Ellen Cimino, Marilynn Petit, Stephanie Harp, Jay Seiler

Extended Practice 5/25/19

Due to the Memorial Day weekend and many conflicting schedules, the extended practice normally scheduled for this Saturday has been cancelled. Please come to practice on Wednesday nights! And mark your calendars, there is a retreat on June 29. Come join us for a day of meditation.

We had a retreat two weeks ago!

Northern Light Zen Center had it’s alternating month one day retreat on the 23rd of February. It was a well attended and lovely day. Good practice was had by all. This month, March, we have an extended practice on the 30th. Please join us for our next one-day retreat on April 27. Mark your calendars!

l – r Jay S, Emily R, Jennifer M, Steve B, Mary-Ellen C, Anthony C, Ryan M, Terry C JDPSN, Bill R, Ron T

Happy New Year! We had a retreat on the 29th.

Just before the new year started, the Northern Light Zen Center had a one day retreat. Ten of us got together and sat for a day of strong practice. We would love for folks to join us! Check out our schedule for the next one.

L-R Brian Meldrum, Darren Brown, Jennifer Mancini, John Schooley, Ron Turcotte, Jay Seiler, Mary-Ellen Cimillo, Ryan McMann, Anthony Cincotta, Terry Cronin JDPSN

Indian Series, The Buddha….. I found this really good!

Buddha, the Life of Siddartha

I have been watching this series on netflix.  It is an Indian series and it is in hindi, so it is subtitled for english audiences.  But it is a very entertaining series about the life of Siddartha Gautam, who as we know, becomes The Buddha. It is called Buddha, The Story of Siddartha. It has all the overacting and melodrama that would expect in a telenovela style drama, but there is something about it that is fascinating.  I am very impressed with how, in my opinion anyway, the producers of this drama appear to get the Buddha’s message right. (Siddartha achieves enlightenment in episodes 33 and 34, FYI!) With the exception of a few things, the production value is actually quite good also.  Very well done series I would encourage anyone to check out.