Precepts Ceremony at Northern Light Zen Center!

On May 28th at 1 O’Clock friends and family gathered at Northern Light for the Zen Center’s very first Precepts Ceremony. There were 3 preceptees taking 5 precepts and 1 person formally becoming a Dharma Teacher. It was an exciting day.

In the past, all ceremonies like precepts and such were done at the main zen center for the region. In the case of Maine and the Americas that would be Providence Zen Center. Those were always great ceremonies and a wonderful time for the larger Sangha to gather and see old friends and Teachers! Since COVID has been upon us this has cause the School to reconsider how we do ceremonies such as these. There are many reasons that we won’t list here but suffice it to say this led us to this special time.

During our ceremony, Kait Pressey, Jake Worth, and Edie Clemente took the 5 precepts, were given their Dharma Names, and got their robes and kasas. Jay Seiler formally received his bowls and became a Dharma Teacher. It was a very special time. Terry Cronin, JDPSN, and Bill Robitzek Senior Dharma Teacher led the ceremony as Preceptors.

Refreshments were served afterward and folks gathered to mingle and chat with one another. Wonderful together action. Thank you to all who attended in person and on zoom.

front l to r - Jay Seiler, Edie Clemente, Jake Worth, Kait Pressey Back l to r – Ken Grey, Bill Robitzek, Terry Cronin JDPSN, Tex Haeuser, Ron Turcotte, Darren Brown.

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