Indian Series, The Buddha….. I found this really good!

Buddha, the Life of Siddartha

I have been watching this series on netflix.  It is an Indian series and it is in hindi, so it is subtitled for english audiences.  But it is a very entertaining series about the life of Siddartha Gautam, who as we know, becomes The Buddha. It is called Buddha, The Story of Siddartha. It has all the overacting and melodrama that would expect in a telenovela style drama, but there is something about it that is fascinating.  I am very impressed with how, in my opinion anyway, the producers of this drama appear to get the Buddha’s message right. (Siddartha achieves enlightenment in episodes 33 and 34, FYI!) With the exception of a few things, the production value is actually quite good also.  Very well done series I would encourage anyone to check out.



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