Buddha’s Enlightenment Day

Buddha’s Enlightenment Day will be celebrated at the Providence Zen Center on December 14. There are overnight accommodations for those wanting to go down on Friday. There will be a children’s program if people with kids register (indicate that your kiddos will attend). There are likely to be carpool opportunities on Friday and perhaps Saturday if you are interested. Contact Abbot Bill Robitzek if you’re interested in carpooling.

Here is the link to register: https://dwt.suran.com/tool/event_registration_v2/attendees?guid=04bee77c3ed511e68b356ff236c94191

Upcoming retreat on August 31st!

Hey everyone! Just a reminder that our every other monthly day long retreat is coming right up! August 31st is the day, please come and sit with us. End your summer with some strong practice. If you’re worried about sitting on a cushion all day you can use a chair. Here is an article from Lion’s Roar about that very thing. Can I sit in a chair?

We Are having a Retreat on the 29th of December

 The Northern Light Zen Center is pleased to announce a one day retreat on Saturday, December 29, 2018 from 8:00 to 4:00.

Please arrive at 6:50 for orientation if this is your first retreat at NLZC. Formal meal will be included. The practice will involve alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation. Kong-An practice is available with the Guiding Teacher during the day.

RSVP required by the Wednesday before the retreat so we can plan on sufficient food.

We had a retreat in October…

I have been remiss!  We had a retreat in October and here it is November, almost Thanksgiving, and I have yet to post pictures.  🙁  I had good intentions of doing so but as they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions right?!  Then again, don’t make good, don’t make bad everything just is.  Regardless, better late than never.  So here are some pics and be it known that it was a wonderful retreat day, with excellent practice by all!

November 24th we have an extended practice day that runs from 9 to noon.  Please feel free to join us.  And of course another retreat is coming up in December on the 29th.  Look for an emailing to be coming soon.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

L to R, Sarah Matari, Ron Turcotte, John Schooley, Terry Cronin JDPSN, Nancy Hathaway, Steve Bulloch, Colin Fay

L to R, Bill Robitzek, Ron Turcotte, John Schooley, Terry Cronin JDPSN, Nancy Hathaway, Steve Bulloch, Colin Fay


Creating a confident Mind, be more like the Lion and less like the Dog

Recently I have been experiencing a lot of stress around some issues in my life.  So when this happens I turn to my practice and try to use that to my benefit.  I am a sentient being after all and I am one of those whose suffering we are trying to end! However I was finding it hard to sit.  And even though chanting was definitely helpful, I started to feel that I wanted to change things up a little.  So as a good modern technophile I went to Google.

As I was browsing through the internet I found this article in Tricycle Magazine online.  I found it quite good and it had some very useful exercises for meditation practice.  Follow this link, it was a good read.

This link will take you to the article also.


Be well.