One of NLZC’s own became a Dharma Teacher today! Congrats Bill!

This weekend, Mar 28-29, was Buddha’s Birthday ceremony at Providence Zen Center.  During this ceremony often people get Inka and take precepts and become Dharma Teachers or Senior Dharma Teachers.  When someone makes the step from being a Dharma Teacher in Training to a Dharma Teacher we call that, “getting your long robes”.   Today, Sunday the 29th, NLZC’s Bill Robitzek got his long robes! Congratulations to Bill!  He got a beautiful set of robes, (imported from Korea 😉 ) as well as a new set of bowls.  Northern Light Zen Center is very fortunate to have Bill as part of our Sangha.  Our Sangha is truly awesome!  Some of us went to Providence to see Bill get his Robes and to enjoy the sunny day there in the Zen Center.  It is always great to meet the other teachers and get a chance to see old friends again.  It was a great day!  Congratulations Bill!  You deserve it.



From left to right; Terry Cronin JDPSN, Bill Robitzek(New Dharma Teacher!) Sally Blauvelt, Jay Seiler, Jennifer Mancini.






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