WWSF 2020 Online, Zen Blooms Everywhere!

WWSF 2020 Online, Zen Blooms Everywhere begins: 
Sunday, September 6

That’s just a few days away.

For a conference schedule and to register for the conference (required), please visit the conference and registration page here.

WWSF 2020 Online is open to the public, not just Kwan Um sangha members and friends. So please feel free to invite anyone who may be interested to our conference.

Questions? Then please contact us:

Kathy Park at kathysitzen@gmail.com in S. Korea.
Do Wa Sunim at info.wwsf2020my@gmail.com in Malaysia.
Joanna Gruchot at joanna.gruchot@gmail.com in Europe.
Ames Colt at director@kwanumzen.org in the US.

Whole World is a Single Flower Conference 2020

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