A Wonderful Day at our Open House June 23rd.


June 23rd dawned with pouring rain! Honestly I was afraid that we would be rained on all day during our Open House at the Northern Light Zen Center. But as 10 o’clock drew nearer the sky cleared and the sun came out and the weather would not have been better! Food, Tea, Lemonade and Orange Juice was provided, the Strata was delish. Our guests and donors came and we did the best we could to honor and thank them for their contributions and ongoing support. The Dharma room and indeed the entire NLZC was alive with friends and their children. It was an awesome and lovely day. Thanks to all who came. We are indeed honored. I have pasted some pics below and tried to caption some of them. Sadly I didn’t know all names. My apologies for that. Nonetheless, many thanks. Namaste.

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