Our Retreat on the 28th of June.

I was on a rather warm day in June, the 28th to be exact.  11 of us gathered at the Northern Light Zen Center to sit and practice all day long.  It got a little hot.  Colin likened it to a North African heat wave.  I have to admit I would likely agree.  But in the end when we were eating pie and ice cream it was well worth what little discomfort there was.  I burned off some Karma that day.  As we sat in strong practice, one by one, when the bell sounded we went to the interview room.  On this day we had a two-fer!  Terry who had received Inka this last Buddha’s Birthday joined Jose in the interview room and all the interviewees were treated to two teachers!  It was great. Check out our group picture below, and join us on our next retreat.



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