The Whole World is a Single Flower


I have not posted for a while so I thought it was time.  And fortuitously we have a major event in the Kwan Um School coming up! The Whole World is a Single Flower is a conference that brings together our Sanghas from all over the world.  From the conference website, “The Kwan Um School of Zen Sanghas and communities as well as other participants will share with each other concerns, ideas, and solutions regarding these changes.  We will take part in lively discussions and role-playing forums leading to possible solutions and to what we can do.”  I plan to attend a few days and a few of us from Northern Light are attending also.  Check it out.  It sounds like an interesting time.  The Providence Zen Center is a lovely Center set in Cumberland RI and is worth a trip. Maybe we will see you there?

The Whole World is a Single Flower

Whole World History

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