Exciting events happening at NLZC and nearby!


There are some very exciting things coming up at Northern Light Zen Center and our friends at Morgan Bay Zendo in Surry, Maine!  Here is just a quick run down of events.

On Saturday July 29th there is an extended practice.  We begin at 9 am and bow, chant and sit until noon.  This is typically followed with tea and conversation, maybe even cookies!  If Terry is there, (Terry Cronin JDPSN) we would have kong-an interviews as well.  This is not a guarantee, however.

On August 18 – 19 at Morgan Bay Zendo there is a Dharma talk and a one day retreat. The dharma talk is going to take place at the Blue Hill Library on the 18th at 8 pm and the retreat is the next day at Morgan Bay Zendo, from 8:30 am to 5 pm. The retreat will be led by Terry Cronin JDPSN.  In this retreat we will spend the day in silence sitting Zen alternating with walking meditation in the Zendo Moss Garden. A traditional Korean Zen four-bowl style vegetarian lunch will be served. Terry will offer traditional Zen kong-an interviews.  FMI and to register contact: Hathaway.N@gmail.com.  Also check out Morgan Bay Zendo at http://www.morganbayzendo.org.

On August 26th, the Northern Light Zen Center is having a one day retreat.  This retreat is led by Terry Cronin, JDPSN at the Northern Light Zen Center at 202 Meadow Road in Topsham.  Arrival and registration for new participants will begin at 6:50 am. For experienced participants arrival and registration begins at 7:50. Retreat ends at 4:30 pm.  FMI or to register for a retreat, email, northernlightzencenter@gmail.com or call 729-6013.

Lot’s of things Buddhist happening over the next month!  Very exciting and an awesome chance to strengthen your practice. Hopefully we will see you there!

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